Special pricing and sale prices on flooring (laminate, hardwood, tile, vinyl), LED lighting fixtures and bulbs, windows, doors, eavestrough, vinyl siding,  furnaces, air conditioners.  Check back often for the latest sale items.


Special pricing and specials on all flooring – vinyl, hardwood, laminates.


New window specials.  Contact us for the best price.  

All doors 

Looking for a new patio Doors, garage doors, entrance door, check here for specials.  Contact us for the best price.  

Furnace & air conditioners

Does your home require a new furnace and or air conditioner?  We have the best prices and installers.  

LED lighting fixtures and bulbs

Indoor and outdoor LED lighting offers a number of benefits compared to halogen and incandescent lighting, including Energy Efficiency.  Handiman4u has competitive pricing.  

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We are a one-stop resource for all your home maintenance needs. We specialize in home repairs and renovations. With more than 30 years in the home building trades, founder Claude Mainville has a simple philosophy: there is no job too small for Handiman4U! 

Coming soon a directory list of subcontractors that Handiman4u works with for services which we back up 100%


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